A festive business forum at the Dan Tel Aviv

As part of the official visit of Czech President Milos Zaman to Israel,
The Israel-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the federation of Israeli chambers of commerce, The export institute, The manufacturer’s association, The foreign trade administration and The Czech embassy, held a festive business forum at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel.

The Czech minister of industry and trade, Mrs’ Marta Novakova, led a high level delegation from the business sector and economic organizations in the country who came to the event to meet and engage with leading companies and entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors in the Israeli economy.

The seminar dealt with the strong ties, the friendship, and the various elements of business cooperation and economic and commercial relations between the two countries. The event was moderated by the Chairman of the Israel-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Israel, David Hertzky, who briefed the guests with an meaningful list of examples for cooperation between Israeli and Czech companies and organizations in the areas of trade, investments and joint R&D projects. One of the recent examples is the brewing deal between the Czech truck company TATRA to supply vehicles to the fire and rescue forces in Israel.

The forum was attended by a large and qualitative presence of well-known businessmen, distinguished representative from Israel’s economic organizations Israel and entrepreneurs from a wide range of fields. Many meetings were held with members of the business delegation, which brought together the heads of the leading flagship companies of the Czech economy.

During the event, Marian Cohen, chairman of the Organization of the bi-national chambers of commerce, presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the economic organizations in Israel to the president of the Czech-Israeli counter chamber of commerce, Dr. Pavel Smutny , for his significant contribution to the economic and cultural ties between the two states.