ES Rubber Group: Israelis and Czechs are successful together

ES Rubber Group is a great example that cooperation between Israel and the Czech Republic is very fruitful. About four years ago, ES Rubber Group expanded its production to the Czech Republic, bringing it closer to its European customers. The company conquers European markets with the exceptional quality of its products, among other things, precisely tailored to the customer’s needs. For example, ES Rubber Group is currently expanding its client portfolio in France.

In Israel, there ES Rubber Group continuously strengthens its position. ES Rubber Group is involved in a prestigious Landmark project that includes two 50-story towers in the Sharona complex in central Tel Aviv. The ES Rubber Group gaskets are an integral part of the Wall Screen System, of Highcon Company. The gaskets were developed in accordance with the customer’s requirements for obtaining a seal as part of a very complex system.

Also, the products of ES Rubber Group take part in the historic project of the Israeli light train. For example, the Red Line rail in Gush Dan is an 11 km tunnel built with two types of ES Rubber Group gaskets in the two sections of the tunnel with the Tunnel flex 33C type, and the Green Line rail in Gush Dan that its length is about 39 km, of which about 4 km are underground with 62 stations, of which four are underground stations.

ES Rubber Group focuses on four rubber sealing markets: infrastructure, water transportation (agriculture and firefighting), construction and vehicles.

In all four markets, you will find first-line innovation and professionals who will support the clients every step of the way by creating tailor-made products.

Marcom manager Galit Levin Didi points out, that there is not only a quality behind the company success but also the ability to tailor solutions for every client. Rubber from ES Rubber Group is always mixed and manufactured in reflection of the client’s special needs and demands. For example, there are different demands for rubber used in drinking water systems and different rubber is necessary for gaskets in skyscrapers.

Red Line rail in Gush Dan
Red Line rail in Gush Dan

Sharona complex in central Tel Aviv


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