The 3rd Czech-Israeli Forum on Innovations: Smart City

On behalf of all the organizers (Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the State of Israel in Prague, Bar Ilan University, Czech Technical University and Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce and Israel-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry), let us invite you cordially to the 3rd Czech-Israeli Forum on Innovations that is going to take place in Czernin Palace, Prague on May 25, 2022. The event will focus on Czech-Israeli cooperation in development of “smart cities” technologies (enclosed, please, find the draft agenda).
Following the blueprint developed in previous years, the Forum should serve as a platform for establishing and exploring contacts between the Czech and Israeli researchers and innovative entrepreneurs as well as for identifying possibilities to forge joint programs and partnerships. Conference will be using a “hybrid format”, therefore, you will be able to join us also on-line (please indicate if you prefer so). However, an in-person participation is much preferred. For more details, please contact ICCCI.



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