Chairman of ICCCI prized in Czechia

David Hercky the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Israel, the founder and Chairman of Israel – Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry was prized by Hanuš Holzer Prize for his significant contribution to the development of Czech – Israeli relations. The ceremony was in the Vladislav Hall at the Prague Castle in the presence of the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, and the President of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog.

The Czech President Milos Zeman welcomed president Israeli president Isaac Herzog to Prague Castle on Monday, 11th of July. President Herzog also held talks with Prime Minister Petr Fiala and the heads of both houses of Parliament about bilateral cooperation, particularly in the area of defence and business ties.

President Herzog presented the Czech president with the Presidential Medal of Distinction. “We thank you for your support for the State of Israel in international forums,” Herzog said before presenting the award at the Prague Castle. “We thank you for your clear moral stance in taking Israel’s side against the many enemies who wish to destabilize the Middle East.”

Herzog also made a point of speaking about Czech support of the establishment of the State of Israel and of the great Czech leaders who had stood by Israel’s side.

“We face another opportunity to strengthen our collaboration in many fields, including defence, security and technology,” Zeman said. He reiterated the Czech Republic’s full support of Israel and condemned the decision by the UN Human Rights Council to censure Israel.

Prize for Eva Erbenova and David Hercky

In the Israeli delegation, there was also a chairman of the Israel – Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Czech side was represented by the Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce (CISOK), the strongest bi-national Chamber of Commerce in Czechia. The very wide membership base of CISOK shows, that not only the Czech President, but Czechia is the best friend of Israel in Europe and Israel is important for Czech businessmen.

“Our Chamber of Commerce and its members are remarkable. For almost a quarter of a century, we have been promoting not only trade but also industrial cooperation and, more recently, joint efforts in science and research, together with our sister chamber in Israel,” said Pavel Smutný, President of the Czech Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce, at the dinner in honour of Isaac Herzog.

President Herzog attended also the first awarding of the Hanuš Holzer Prize. The laureates for 2022 were Eva Erbenova and David Hercky.

Eva Erbenová is an Israeli writer of Jewish origin. In 1941 she was deported to Terezín concentration camp (Theresienstadt) and in 1944 to Auschwitz. At the end of the war, she managed to escape from the death march. Today she is a successful writer living in Ashkelon, Israel.

David Hercky is is the founder and chairman of the Israeli-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry. David Hercky is the recipient of the Gratias Agit award for promoting the good name of the Czech Republic and the winner of the international Trebbia Award.

The Hanuš Holzer Prize, presented by the CISOK, was established for those who have made a significant contribution to the cultural, social, economic, or otherwise significant development of Czech-Israeli relations. The prize itself is as significant as the life of the person after whom it is named, and it shows that even the greatest adversity in life cannot stop the desire to help others and contribute to the post-revolutionary development of the Czech Republic. His legacy is the following: Never give up.

(Source: CISOK, CRo, Jerusalem Post, i24News)


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