Identifying your local partners

We provide information about your potential partners and manage communication to the point both sides show interest in cooperation.

Strategic planning

We understand both Israeli and Czech business customs and we can advise, build and manage your market strategy in order to minimize your risks and cost.

Manage your business trip

We will organize your business trip to Israel or the Czech Republic by setting B2B meetings including accompanying your representative to all meetings. We can also assist in the planning of accommodation, transportation and any other special requests.

Promotion & Lobby

We have extensive experience in promoting and lobbying long term strategies including governmental tenders, PPP and BOT projects, M&A and more. We also keep all our members updated and provide you with an opportunity to advertise your products and services via direct mailing.

Business Development

We bring your products and services to the local market by introducing them to potential partners and keep you synced on events and projects matching your strategy. We can assist in expanding your business operations and manage your long-run objectives.

Connection to other organisations

We can connect you with other major business organisations and institutions in Israel: the Manufacturers’ Association, the Export Institute, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Foreign Trade Administration.


We will provide you with tailored access to our network of professionals and affiliates. We provide you with opportunities to meet your potential partners by organizing different events and by hosting Czech delegations visiting Israel.


We cooperate with a professional and certificated translator from Hebrew to Czech and opposite. Our members have a significant discount on translation service compare to the regular prices on the market.


ICCCI cooperates with a certified consultant office that specializes in the field of Quality (QMS systems in the Aerospace, automotive and general industries), the consultant office can support your business out of Israel with by performing audits or inspect and buy products locally and abroad.

Law services support

In cooperation with our members, we can advise you a strong law firm operating in many legal sectors (mainly real estate, M&A, defence, medicine and IT startups) with long term experience with clients from Israel.

Virtual Office

We can arrange for Czech companies virtual office in Tel Aviv, and for Israel companies a virtual office in Prague.

Price list of individual services on a request:

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