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Registered by the Israeli Ministry of Justice on December 2010 as a nonprofit organization. Our main goal is to develop commercial and cultural relations between the State of Israel and the Czech Republic.

Israel – Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry is able to help companies in any field, whether they want to import their product to Israel or export from Israel. We can advise on how to behave on the Czech or Israeli market, recommend contacts, find a suitable partner, whom we can also approach in the first line. We speak Hebrew, Czech and English. We can help you to overcome communication and cultural barriers to lead successful cooperation. ICCCI currently sees great potential in the field of Industry 4.0, as the Czech Republic is an industrial country that Israeli technologies can help develop. We follow up with the start-ups in Israel, and we can recommend the technologies on a request.

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We are helping Czech companies in Israel

ICCCI Opportunity

ICCCI has reached first results in the PROPEA programme supporting Czech companies that are operating in Israel or are planning to enter the market. ICCCI analysed the Israeli market for a Czech company Bio Agens Research and Development – BARD, and its natural and bio supplements.  The programme is realised in cooperation with the Czech Embassy till October 2021. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic subsidizes the services by 70 %. Please contact us for more information.

Do you import from Israel? Use service of our new member

GRC Quality

GRC is a consultant office that specializes in the field of Quality. We are consulting on QMS systems in the Aerospace, automotive and general industries. GRC consults on Aerospace Nadcap certifications. We are also teaching quality and are certified by SAE for specific courses. We can support organization out of Israel by performing audits or inspect and buy products locally and abroad.

Seeking IT partner in Czechia

AimBetter data

AimBetter, whose technology solutions already help companies such as Fiver, BDO, H&M and Burger King, would like to establish cooperation with Czech IT partners. AimBetter software allows to monitor, diagnose and analyze situations, problems and failures in SQL Server databases and vital application servers 24/7. It is a fully deactivated SaaS tool that helps IT teams find the root of performance issues to improve the performance, efficiency and uptime of customer systems. Each license is bundled with customer support services.

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