We helped the new line from Israel to Karlovy Vary

On the first Tuesday in July, the second flight took place on a regular route between Tel Aviv and Karlovy Vary. The Embraer 175 aircraft has a capacity of 88 people it flies every Tuesday until the end of October 2024. This is a direct flight to the spa town, which is famous for its healing springs and also its history.
ICCCI has contributed by its assistance to the realisation of this line, under the PROPEA project. The project is supported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thank to it Czech companies can apply for financial assistance to enter foreign markets.
Karlovy Vary and the surrounding area, in particular, are among the natural gems of the Czech Republic. The region is responsible for over half of the county’s spa industry: other spa are among others Marianske Lazne, Jachymov or Frantiskovy Lazne.  Character of this region is also formed by the lush vegetation, wild mountains, and mysterious mine shafts that conceal the ancient geological riches of our planet. To know what to visit in our region, we offer the following list of tips, ranging from natural monuments that provide the peace you need, to historical monuments that harbour ancient treasures. More information here.


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