BE1: Cooperation with Czechs makes sense

Small counties can reach in cooperation profit a great success. This is an experience and idea of the BE1, an Israeli company providing defence & security technologies and solutions to almost any kind of sector. Israel – Czech Chamber of Commerce recognises its member, the company BE1 as a successful innovator thinking out of the box.

BE 1 joined forces with Czechs and opens a demonstration room presenting Israeli & Czech defence & security technologies in Costa Rica. “This room will target clients: government and private organizations from Central American countries,” explains Ilil Podlizewski-Lavi, the president of BE1. “We appreciate Czech technologies and engineering capabilities and their products’ quality very much. BE1 and our Czech partner have a lot in common and we complete each other in terms of both innovation and international business cooperation,” Ilil says.

BE1 is very strong in the South American market, Central America is just another step in the expansion of BE1’s defence and military solutions. Scouted innovations and technologies by BE 1 help neither only police, nor in areas of protection borders, airports, seaports, critical infrastructures, stadiums, VIP, and more.

“Exhibition and selling special Israeli & Czech solutions to the local central American countries is something that has never been done before, as far as we know, and we are the first to do it,” adds the president of BE1. The first experience is positive; BE1 already plans an extension of cooperation with its Czech partner.

Hidden potential

Industry in Czechia is generally known in automotive, but the Czech defence industry is improving. Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA) has many members. Among the most successful are CSG Group and its Retia establishing cooperation with Rafael, Tatra Defence Vehicles or Aero Vodochody. Israelis have known Zbrojovka Brno since the War of Independence in 1948, now the successor is Ceska Zbrojovka Group. The company is among the ten largest manufacturers of small arms in the world and five that produce automatic weapons. The Czech defence and security industry has long been a major export industry. In 2020, exports reached 17 billion CZK, which is the second-best result in the history of the Czech Republic.

Ilil Podlizewski-Lavi, president of BE1


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